Room rates are based on single/double occupancy. Addional person : $25 per night, plus taxes. Additional folding bed : $25 per night, plus taxes, based on availability. A 15% service charge (gratuity) will be added on all food and beverage. A 3.5% lodging tax will apply on guestroom accomodations. Currently a 5% Federal tax (G.S.T.) plus a 9.975% Provincial tax (P.S.T.) are applicable on all goods and services. Applicable taxes are subject to change.

Rates provided by this website are applicable for reservations made directly with the hotel (by phone or using the ZERO 1 Hotel website).

Guestroom rates include complimentary high speed wireless Internet access and local phone calls.

Rates subject to change wihtout notice.



Check-In time: 3 pm
Check-Out time: noon*
* Additional charges may apply in case of late check-out.


Cancellation policies

No charge will be incurred if the cancellation is made 24h of the expected day of arrival. In cases of cancellation without adequate notice, guests will be charged the rate of one night plus all applicable taxes. Policies are subject to change in cases of group reservations, special events, and package offers.


No show

Failure to present at the hotel will result in the guest incurring fees equal to the rate of one night plus applicable taxes.


Room Guarantee and Credit Card

Credit cards accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express

A valid credit card is required to make individual reservations. Hotel ZERO 1 reserves the right to take a deposit equal to the rate of the first night on the credit card provided by the client. Should the credit card be declined, Hotel ZERO 1 reserves the right to cancel the reservation.

Upon arriving at the hotel, guests must present the credit card to which all charges will be applied.

If guests wish to charge the credit card used to guarantee the reservation, but will not have that credit card on their person upon arrival at the hotel, please call our reservations department at 1-855-301-0001 or 514-871-9696 to arrange payment.

The night before the guests’ scheduled departure, the balance owing on the invoice will be charged to the credit card provided at arrival. In the morning, guests need only pass by the front desk to return their keys. Our agents remain available at all times to respond to any question.



Pets are not accepted. 


ZERO smoking

Hotel ZERO 1 is proud to welcome its guests in a smoke-free environment. The panoramic terrace on the 5th floor is available to accomodate guests who wish to smoke. Anyone who smokes in the building (public areas or rooms/suites) will be fined of $200 plus taxes to cover extra cleaning services.

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